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The Limerick Leader announced exciting news in early March, 2019. The University of Limerick will lead a consortium of enterprises in creating a state-of-the-art training centre dedicated to Data Science Research. Funded with 21 million Euros in seed money, the new program will serve researchers studying Statistics, Applied Mathematics, and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning). Some 139 doctoral candidates will study at the Centre.

A Boon For Ireland

During recent decades, the Irish economy has benefited from the rapid expansion of IT and technology. The new centre promises to boost this sector. It relies upon the collaboration of four partners: The University of Limerick, Skillnet Ireland, University College Dublin, and Maynooth University.

Supported by an award of 13.6 million Euros from Science Foundation Ireland, the founders of the new research centre hope to enhance a broad spectrum of business activities in the nation. Some pivotal areas of research will center around Data Privacy, Data Security, Business Analytics, Health and Wellness, and automated manufacturing processes.

Developing a More Versatile Work Force

The growth of the Irish high tech industry has created a vibrant IT sector in this small Western European nation. The addition of a prestigious data research centre will undoubtedly support Irish technology in a myriad of ways. Personnel associated with the consortium hope to train the next generation of data science specialists. Research conducted at the new centre will contribute to numerous business and educational ventures.

For example, students pursuing doctoral work through the centre will enjoy an opportunity to conduct both academic research as well as the development of applied, real-world business applications. The founders of the venture anticipate welcoming an international student body of graduate students trained at acclaimed educational institutions. Just a few of the fields which may benefit from these activities include Agriculture, Economics, Meteorology, Finance, Manufacturing, Actuarial Science, and Electronics.

Future Plans

The brief news article did not indicate whether or not the consortium has decided upon a specific location for the new Data Centre. The University of Limerick maintains a number of cooperative partnerships with other institutions in Ireland and abroad. The educational institution maintains a park-like 340-acre campus beside the River Shannon on the outskirts of Limerick City. Its current student body numbers approximately 13,500.