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Data mining is the process of obtaining valid information from large data sets and turning it into useful and understandable information for future use. This includes intelligence methods of machine learning, database systems, and data processing and management. It is also the important technology in the field of data science, which is now one of the best jobs in the U.S. It can be postulated that the demand for people with data analysis skills will keep growing in the upcoming years. Here are ten essential skills you will need to enter the field of data mining.

Programming/statistics language

Data mining relies on programming, but no one knows which programming language is best for mining. Specificity, Generality, Productivity, and Performance are four areas to reference for your choice of programming language.

Big data processing frameworks

Processing frameworks compute the data in the system, which is the process of gaining and information and insight for large quantities of data. It is sorted into 3 classifications: stream-only, batch-only and hybrid. Hadpoop is a good option for batch workloads which are less expensive and not time sensitive, and Spark is good for mixed workloads for processing at higher speeds

Operating system

For data mining, Linux is the most popular operating system due to its stability and efficiency operating large data sets. It would be great if you learn common commands for this system.

Database knowledge.

To process and manage large data sets, you must have of relational databases like SQL and oracle. Non-relational databases are HBase; Column; Cassandra; and MongoDB.

Statistics & Algorithm Skills

Data mining isn’t just coding, and interfaces multiple fields of which Statistic is an important part. Basic knowledge of statistics is needed to identify questions, obtain accurate conclusions and quantify your findings as well.

Data Structure & Algorithms

Being proficient in data structures and is critical for data mining, which helps to come up with efficient algorithmic solutions to processing large amounts of data.

Machine Learning/ Deep Learning Algorithm

One of the most important parts of data mining, machine learning algorithms build a model of data to make predictions and decisions on its own. Deep learning is part of broader scope of machine learning. Data mining and machine learning employ the same methods.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language is a subfield of AI and computer science that helps computers understand and interpret human language. Data miners who have to deal with large amounts of text should become well versed in NLP algorithms.

Project Experience

Your own project experience is proof of your data mining skills. There are projects out there that can help you get public work and experience data mining.

Communication and Presentation skills

Data miners are also responsible for explaining the outcomes and insights gained from data to non-technical audiences. You should be able to interpret the outcomes and deliver them in oral, written and presentation means as well.